Present for my brother's birthday

Tomorrow is my brother’s birthday (20 hours left). I thought about giving him a poster or sth that I can print out today. Last Christmas I gave him this fan controller. He really needs one because he has 3 fans running at full speed all the time:
He didn’t install it yet and I guess he needs some help (he doesn’t he is just lazy). So I thought about giving him free help!
What do you guys think?

do both

I thought about giving him a coupon / poster that offers him help with his fan controller and just that because he didn’t use his Christmas present yet…
Any layout ideas for the poster? Or Memes or sth I should put on there?

Give him dat boi and a coupon

This is what I got so far.
EDIT: added some text after taking that screenshot. I need more memes!

Probably the final version I guess. Any feedback?

needs some more gas mask bat guy

Sry printed it already :frowning: