Preorders for non backers

Hi, I used to go on GMOD Tower a lot and went to the GMOD Tower site to join the server, and I just noticed that the indiegogo campaign to the successor has been successful, since I like GMOD Tower, is there any chance that there will be a way for me to preorder Tower Unite in the near future?

Even though I’ve backed myself, I’d still like to know this. Gonna snag a few copies for friends.

The backer items from the indiegogo will not be issued again as they are meant to be exclusive to backers. This also includes the alpha versions of the game. The next chance to get the game will be when it launches on steam early access in March next year for $15. It will be up to PixelTail to decide whether they will offer pre order bonuses but I don’t think they will of considered pre order bonuses yet as they are still early into development and it is 7 months until the game is currently scheduled to release.

@sporeboy100 wasn’t asking about backer items or pre order bonuses. Just whether or not it’ll be up for pre-order on Steam at any point before release.

I know that, I was just making that point. Whether the game will be up for pre order or not also lies with PixelTail, but as I said in the last post, they probably haven’t even considered whether they will or not.

No. Tower Unite will be available for purchase when it comes out on Steam Early Access Mid 2016. There has been no indication about any other method of purchasing for non-backers before this point, at the time of this posting.

Well that’s not a definite ‘no’ then, is it? We’ll just have to see.