Prefab poster images to use on any Canvas item

There’s a lot of posters/paintings around the game that I’d like to be able to use in my condo and sometimes I’m too lazy to find a suitable image to put on a picture frame, so being able to use a selection of images around the game on any canvas item would be a nice quality of life addition.

Some examples of images around the game that I would like to be able to use:

  • Game World banners at the tower lobby
  • Theater movie posters
  • Posters in Oasis
  • Store ads
  • Hospital posters from Virus
  • The paintings at DIY, Sweet Suite, Nightclub, and the Planet Panic port
  • Pictures displayed on the screens in Central Circuit
  • Fresh/Theater menu boards

I’ve wanted Spooky Hallway in my condo for a while, it’d definitely help fill out some condos if we had a selection of built-in stuff.