Some of power ups can be used as keybinds.

Every player kill will give you X points, or any currency (for a round of course).
and if you have enough of points, you can use some of power-ups, for example:

  • Lightbolt
    Strikes lightning at every player at special radius.
  • Magnet
    Attracts player you chose against you (so you can do critical hit)
  • Dash
    A small dash, that can instantly move you by double pressing W,A,S or D.
  • Ramming shield
    Similar to zombie massacre one, you cant use weapons on use for few seconds, but you have shield and speed with a bit lower gravity, so you can ram into everyone (but each ‘polygon’ of shield breaks on shot)
  • Aim
    You getting help with aim, but your weapons damage is lower.
  • Barge Hit
    I imagine this as Blur game barge, damaging players in radius and blasts from you.

Having these at least in special gametype would be fun in my opinion.

This really just over-complicates what is meant to be a fast-paced arena shooter.