I love this game, It’s my second favourite along with Ball race. Sometimes though, people can end the game within a matter of seconds, and I kinda find that slightly annoying. So, can we have little Potion collectables for the knights and the dragon?
Potions like invincibility, speed, double jump(Knight Exclusive), x-ray(Dragon Exclusive), etc.
Maybe with this addition we could sabotage the knights, or the dragon, too.

The knights definitely don’t need to be more powerful. The balance is already in their favor.


I don’t think power-ups would be the best thing. How would you get them? Would they be scattered around the map? If so then it would add a layer of RNG to the gameworld which is not good.

edit: maybe as a mutator?

This wouldn’t work as a thing for individual players to bring into random matches but I think it’d definitely work as a mutator, it’d be fun having a Little Crusaders match where everything is turned up to 11 and everyone is super OP.

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