Potential of Steam Controller on TU

I believe there is room for the Steam Controller to excel with TU, I have found a nice formula for the Steam controller on TU and created a prototype, it’s currently on the community controller config (Steam/author name- Gundulph teh Ghrey). Currently, I have implemented the ability to:

  1. Access Inventory
  2. Customize floor/walls
  3. Gyroscopic turning
  4. Type in-game using Steam keyboard (took me some time to figure out)
  5. General movement (Including all current gameworlds)
  6. Camera zooming
  7. Item placement
  8. Leaderboard capabilities (TAB)
  9. Will be compatible with Virus
  10. Should be able to be compatible with all gamemodes due to it’s customization options, and that’s if they don’t work with the current setup of hotkeys, which is unlikely.

Anyone can reference from this, make changes, etc, I don’t care, it’s should be a bit more comforting to those who either prefer gamepads OR own a steam machine.



Just picked up the steam controller and am interested in grabbing this configuration but I don’t want to sift through the possible hundreds of pages of configurations on the community settings page. Is there a quick way to share configurations? :slight_smile:

Thanks for this!

Hey, on my screen I only see 2 configs, but also note I’m using steam beta (can be activated in settings) so I’m not sure if it’s there for the non-beta version.

This is the config I’ve made!

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I’ve been using that config for a while, its great

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