Potential avenues for exploration: functional mirrors

Since the workshop now has metallic/roughness sliders, and objects can now have reflections, I had the idea of trying to make a mirror with them. They kinda work??? but the reflections reflect in the wrong direction. Rotating the object in Blender before importing seems to help a bit (I rotated mine 45 degrees on the X axis), but it’s still pretty finnicky and seems to change based on the rotation on the object (which might be a bug).

Just posting on here to let people potentially interested in this know that this stuff’s possible.

Low-quality testing screenshots:

(pre-rotation, mirror oriented so it would lay flat against the surface it’s placed on)


reflection is upside-down, points toward the left

Reflection seems to be functional, though angled right, with the view at the bottom

As for actually making the mirror, the mirror portion is just a pure white material with max metallic and no roughness.

Item used:


now you’ll see people staring into mirrors like in vrchat lmao

but yeah, would be interesting to mess around with

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