Posters for Condo's

Sure we have canvas’ and all that, but posters would be awesome for condos, like how in Gmod Tower, there were posters for movies, games, tv shows, etc., and it would show people what you like to watch or play outside of Tower Unite, so posters would be a very cool addition to the game.

The canvas item has a poster option that changes it to look like a poster, so you can easily make posters with that


yeah as neat as official posters would be, it’d probably be a licensing nightmare for something that all things considered isn’t really worth the trouble
the canvas’ poster option is plenty good for the same purpose, though


maybe, but it’s confusing to use, whereas the posters from gmod tower were already easy enough to use.

I mean using the canvas items isn’t super confusing, at least when you get used to them. You just place it down, paste the URL for whatever you wanna display on it, and then click the poster button

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i’d love to see some of these for different gameworlds/plaza locations

achievement for buying all of them