Post your speedtest on 10fastfingers

Second forum I am posting this thread in.

Go to 10fastfingers and do a speedtest, and show us the results here.

Here’s mine:

And if the video doesn’t work:

(Also I apologize if someone already made a topic like this, I searched though and found none.)


We already did these in the updates thread, but I’ll post mine again :smile:

Well I wanted to make a seperate thread for this, instead of filling the development sneak peek thread with this.

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Mmhmm. I wasn’t complaining, just making an observation. :wink:

Yeah I know, I didn’t take your post as a complaint or anything :wink::smile:

(Also when you told me stuff about those sunrise/sunset keycaps, I completely forgot I can just configure my keyboard’s backlighting to match those colors, those keycaps don’t work on RGB/illuminated keyboards.)

What do you mean they don’t work on RGB/Illuminated keyboards? They should work on any keyboard with Cherry MX switches. The illuminated RGB colors look awesome with them. My only complaint is they aren’t transparent so they glow differently. I’m using a QFR with only F9 having a light switch though, so it’s no biggie for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: Massdrop is doing a drop for Tai-Hao keycaps that are ~$7 off. Just note that they ship around June 30th and you wont have them for over a month.

Except I use a K70 RGB, and I can’t imagine that keyboard with those bright, colorful keycaps. They could massively oppress the backlighting since it’s quite dim.

Everyone has their own personal preference, so I won’t tell you you’re wrong. But I would highly recommend you personally try it before claiming they wouldn’t work. Tai-Hao’s keycaps are pretty thin for doubleshot-ABS. xD

I will admit I’ve never been one to care much for lights though. I tend to find that they just work as a distraction and waste energy. Doing things like putting lights on the inside of my case look cool for the first 5 minutes. But the coolness factor wears off very quickly when you have distracting bright lights shining below you.

I originally had no intention of buying pink keycaps myself, but after buying this set I have no regrets. The best part is I get compliments from pretty much everyone that sees them. I’ve been enjoying them so much I will probably even buy a second set with a different theme, haha. I can understand why people spend thousands of dollars collecting different keyboards and keycaps.

I’ll try when I’m able to get on a computer.
I’m sitting really awkwardly right now :frowning:

I’m very bad at this

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Words per minute (WPM) 15
Keystrokes 672
(73 | 599)
Correct words 13
Wrong words 110
You are better than 7.38% of all users (position 176517 of 190585 - last 24 hours)

aww yeah booiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Since this thread was bumped, I’ll post a link here for my 10fastfingers profile so you can see my history there.