Post your Minigolf personal best

I’m a bit interested in hearing what PB some of you Minigolf enthusiasts have, so I decided to make this thread. :smile:

I’ll start. My Garden PB is currently 34. Had an unfortunate bogey at the last hole, but I’m proud of this anyways.


what the hell

I can be happy to complete it in 50


38 in Gardens

45 in Waterhole (as far as I can find)


37 on Garden
42 on Waterhole
Haven’t really tried to get a good score on Altitude yet.

I’ve been playing Garden like mad for the last few days. Just… can’t… get below 37. Just today I was on the pace of getting 34, but like every other time, managed to ruin it at the last few holes…
Getting through with 33 is in the realm of possibility. Adding up all my best performances on every hole, plus a theoretical Condor, even 27 could be achieved.

Please, send help…


That elusive condor…one day we’ll get it. :golf:

I have a potential setup for it, just have to get more consistent with it. I joined late.

I got totally owned in the rest of this game but in the first 5 holes of Altitude, I had a score of 8


Dam son

Best I’ve ever gotten was a 42 on waterhole earlier today

Getting Garden makes me cry because there’s always atleast one hole I mess up on at the end


fight me



Oh no! My calculations were all wrong! :astonished:

My best in Garden so far is 42 i would have got a better score if i did not mess up some of the hole in one holes.

Took almost a week long break from the game mode, improved my PB by one point on first try. Really need to work on that second half, I get 19 or so in the first really consistently.

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Ignore the really crappy quality (totally forgot how to SS in game…), but this is just a mess around round. I think I can get my score down to something like 33 if I keep hitting consistent shots.

1: could lose a stroke
2: could lose a stroke
10: lose two strokes
15: lose two strokes
17: lose one stroke

Not too bad IMO.

You can do Hole 3 in 2 strokes as well.