Possible Celebrity Sponsors

I’ll be brief about this.
There is a group of people who have a good idea about PixelTail games products. This group doesn’t have a name, however, they consist of people including VanossGaming, MiniLaddd, I AM WILDCAT, and some more. They all have had some experience with GMod Tower, and I have tried to tell them about this stand alone version for some time. I am not sure if they are able to acknowledge my messages, but I did try. These people might actually have some worthwhile reason to help out with this game.

Hope things go well


I worry about (some) youtubers introducing toxic people into the community.

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It’s going up on Steam Store, so you will get a whole lot of different kinds of people regardless of whatever YouTuber decides to publicize it.
I’d rather have a bunch of shitheads running around the servers than not have Unite at all. If it brings in more cash for the IndeGoGo, then by all means.

Cold Finger has his, well, finger on the point. Though a bad community may be worse than not having a community at all, introducing a community with, at the least, bearable people can induce some form of positive feedback. I only made this suggestion because of the lack of backers for the KickStarter campaign. GMod Tower’s community spanned up to 48000 people, which, if they all donated even 15 dollars, the entire campaign would have been funded 7 times over. A new community, who is known to branch out to other communities, might give a little bit of hope to this new IndieGogo campaign.