Possibility to customize sound FX and add new sounds from personal folder

Making your condo you have the possibility to add ambiant sounds.
When creating a project i would like to have the possibility to add my very own sounds.

For example : seagul sounds, beach ambiant sound, city sounds, river noise sounds, etc…
Plus music as well with the possiblity to lenghen or shorten the clip duration sound.

It will extend possibilities for personnal project on smooth dirt.

We plan to have workshop sound packs people can upload and use.


My friends and I have been curious about this feature. How far backlogged is it? Are there plans for a Workshop Phase 2 type update that includes some more of the Workshop items (Clothes, Pets, SFX)?

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this is the first i’ve heard of this… this is AWESOME

edit: i realize i may have misinterpreted that as being able to change the sound effects from the game itself (ex: changing something like the little crusaders music to your own music…)


No it’s not about changing the music of little crusaders x)

It’s having the possibility when you create a condo to put somewhere a sound source, like the one we have [Windsound; door sound and so on…] by using your own source (from a personnal folder)
And by music i mean instead of a sound, you add a music. As simple as that.

i realized that shortly after i wrote that… ;w;

but yes, custom sound emitters are planned!