Poseidon - Plantet Coaster Recreation

I figured since the Poseidon Coaster in the plaza looks like a coaster that can be build in real, figured to give a hand at it in Plantet Coaster, while not finished, still have to work on the station building, the track layout and the temple it flies through is done


When your done with it, can you post it to the workshop for all of us to enjoy?

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I will when its finished. The temple was off of a workshop item for a ride station, slightly modified for a run through

more screenshots, some areas of the track have been made more exciting then the current track layout in the plaza

Combined the water tunnel at the end to be part of the temple passthrough

Close up on the Station & Ride Sign

added fog when passing through the temple section

plaza version is a straight track with bunny hills, changed it to be a wavy section with bends & curves


More Updates:
Pass Through Temple now shows damage, like in the plaza.

Same Pass Through Temple, now at night with proper lighting

More Damage due to age

Lighting inside of Coaster Station

Also darkened the coaster track to Teal to fit better with water theme.
This coaster is nearly there.

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Ride is finished, Theming finished, Making video showcase, I’ll upload the coaster to the workshop after the video is uploaded

Here it is Folks, the Recreation of Poseidon from the TU Plaza is ready to go and ready to take excitement to the next level. Enjoy the ride & the coaster in your next Planet Coaster Park.
Roller Coaster can be downloaded here: Steam Workshop::Poseidon (Tower Unite Roller Coaster)


what are your guys thoughts on this recreation?


Christ on a stick this is actually Superb

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