Porting 7777

I want to make a server on Tower Unite, but Im new to the port forwarding thing. Anyone help with filling this info in to port 7777?

  1. Inbound port
  2. TCP, UDP, or both
    3)Private IP address
    4)Private port

Sorry, Im bad with this kind of stuff. :pensive:

Inbound Port: 7777
TCP, UDP, BOTH: Iā€™d go with Both to be safe
Private IP: Your computer on your network, AKA 192.168.#.# (use ipconfig or look up how to find that)
Private Port: 7777

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I ported with Both, and just sent my ip (www.ipchicken.com) to my friend, and he joined flawlessly. Good luck! :pig:

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What command(s) do I enter in Ipconfig to get the address?

Use the command prompt (on windows), and type ipconfig, and look for the address starting with 192.168.#.#, and use that full number for the private ip.

Oh, I see it. Got it!