Portal Gun

Make a ‘Portal Gun’ from Valve’s game Portal that can be used to create “portals”, quantum holes that maintain your velocity when passing through one and out the other. The device is limited to the condos only, because it would impact the main lobby in a negative way. Edit from the future: Instead of limiting this device just to the condos, just make the portals only conduct on portalable surfaces/textures. This way, custom maps can utilize the device however they may need to.

  • Make the device as close to the original games as possible.
  • Every player that has a Portal Gun will have a unique portal color pair from each other, with the default colors of the portals being blue and orange.
  • All assets (except the portal recolors) should be taken from the first game. The portals themselves can be from Portal or Portal 2.
  • The colors on the portal gun should match the color of the last portal shot.
  • Left click shoots the primary (by default, blue) portal and right click shoots the secondary (by default, orange) portal.
  • The primary/secondary portals have unique sounds and visuals from each other.
  • Either let the portals conduct on lighter surfaces, or add wall plates that either allow or disallow portal placement for use within the player's Condo, taken from either game.
  • The item itself can be obtained in whatever way, but preferably from one of the stores.
  • The camera should rotate to correct the player's view when travelling through a portal.
  • Optional: You could also add test elements from the first and second game if you wanted, being "furniture" for one's Condo. This way we can build test chambers in our Condos!

It’s copyrighted content, I don’t think this is happening.

That’s why its a workshop suggestion. Workshop has no copyright (as far as im aware)

Technically, the Workshop does still have copyright rules but it’s just that most developers don’t really care. I’ve seen mods get removed from the Workshop before because of copyright.

They mustn’t have given credit or something. The GMod workshop is littered with copyrighted content, yet they still exist.

One of the best ways to avoid this whole situation to is to take a note from China and make it into a cheap knockoff. Keep the concept, but remove the brand.

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This is typically rare, and in my experience, it mostly is because someone claimed it as their own work. This happens a lot with FNAF models.


Once, this user named Confederate Joe stole a REALLY GOOD FNaF MODEL and gave it this ugly plastic material. Still isn’t removed yet.

good for him

Well, yeah, it is rare but I have seen it happen. I’ve only seen it in one game. Tabletop Simulator. Things get taken down a lot there. Mainly stuff from Hasbro. Even when full credit is given

I’ve only seen it happen in the Tabletop Simulator workshop. Even when full credit is given, I’ve seen a lot of stuff removed. Mainly stuff from Hasbro.

(You posted the same thing twice so I’m replying to this one.)

Tabletop is a bit different, since those are actually the games, and not something from or based off the game. It’s worse for someone to make and post online the entire game for free than it is to model of one of the playing pieces.

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Yeah, that’s true but it’s still copyrighted material either way. There’s also still plenty of stuff that doesn’t get taken down from Tabletop.

Since we’ve identified Hasbro as an asshole company, we should look to see whether or not Valve has done similar things. Considering Garry’s Mod is not a Valve game, there’s Valve content there (HL content, L4D). You could make the argument it’s already a Source game, thereby granting permission for users to use whatever Source content they choose, but here’s a Portal gun Workshop addon right here with 15,000 ratings and 480,000+ subscribers not in need of Portal or Portal 2.

The point really is that, yeah, we’re dealing with copyright content here, and it will ultimately depend upon the publisher and the developer on whether or not the mod will survive. If the publisher deals with the proper rights (as in recognizing who the content belongs to), then more likely than not the mod will be fine.

Yeah, valve has never really seemed to care about mods. So, hopefully it’ll be ok.

Same here. Being the Source and Valve game fan I am, I’d love to still retain some of that magic in the new TU.

Yep. Would love to see some iconic Valve things made into TU mods. Portal Gun and Gravity Gun would be awesome additions. Maybe some TF2 plushies, too.

I mean, Valve’s most popular games are mods for the original Half-Life and sequels to said mods.

The only games I can think of that that would apply to are Day of Defeat and Counterstrike. But they didn’t make either of the first games. They just bought the rights to them. And aside from Counterstrike, I’d argue that Half-Life, Portal, and Left 4 Dead are their most popular games.

Half-Life was modded from the original Quake engine iirc. It was modified to make GoldSrc, which would become Source.

Counter-Strike was the famous FPS mod for Half-Life.

Team Fortress Classic was adapted from the Quake mod Team Fortress.

Day of Defeat was a mod in the same vain as Counter-Strike except set in WWII.

Portal was entirely developed by Valve and grads of the DigiPen Institute of Technology.

Left 4 Dead was not developed by Valve, but published. Turtle Rock Studios was the main dev.

Deathmatch Classic (NOT Half-Life Deathmatch) was a mod for Half-Life.

Ricochet was a mod for Half-Life.

Alien Swarm is a remake of the mod by the same name for Unreal Tournament 2004.

Dota 2 is a sequel to Defense of the Ancients, or DotA, which was a mod for Warcraft III.

Ok but you said their most popular games are mods of Half-life.

Team Fortress is a Quake mod, Defense of the Ancients is a Warcraft 3 mod, Alien Swarm is an Unreal Tournament 2004 mod. None of those are Half-Life related. Also, Half-Life is not a mod. The GoldSrc engine is a heavily modified version of the Quake engine but that doesn’t make the game a mod. Tons of games use modified engines. Also, as for Team Fortress Classic, Counter-strike, Day of Defeat Classic, and Alien Swarm, they are games based on mods. Valve didn’t make any of the original mods. They just turned the mods into full-fledged games. Dota 2 is also not a mod but a game that serves as the sequel to a mod. A mod that they also didn’t make. Deathmatch Classic and Ricochet are the only two official mods Valve has made. Oh and yes, Left 4 Dead wasn’t made by Valve but they bought the development rights and did develop the DLCs and the second game.

Garry worked out a deal with Valve to let him sell Garry’s Mod with Valve content for 50% royalty of all game sells.

If we wanted to use Valve’s stuff, we could just ask. Many indie games have Valve characters, skins, or custom levels and all they did was ask Valve and got proper permission.

Keep in mind I’m not saying we are going to have a portal gun - it seems too much for our game. But I wouldn’t mind having some furniture items with references to Valve IPs.