Portable music player

I was inspired by a media player bug that occurs when you leave the arcade media player. what ends up happening after leaving the arcade media player(while a video is playing), is that the video audio will continue to play no matter where you are in the plaza(unless you leave or the video ends). This brings me to my suggestion, a MP3 player that lets the player listen to their own music/podcasts/etc.(on the player’s end only). I can only really picture this as a plaza feature since the games tend to have some sort of emphasis on being able to hear sfxs.

You mean MP3 player? MP4 designates video files. And why not just use an external music program to play stuff?

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MP4 players are a thing. As opposed to MP3 players which are only used to listen to music mostly (as it’s the only format it can read), MP4 players can also play videos. They were a thing quite a few years ago when the iPods had just came out, but they’re quite uncommon nowadays.

At this point though, if the thing would have video playback capability, might as well just make a portable version of the already existing cellphone that’s in the game and have the option to put the thing away and it still continues the song without the video or leave it out and you can see the video on it I guess.

Edit: also if it’s gonna use Spotify or YouTube to play songs, that’s not something an MP3 or MP4 player can do usually, so might as well be a cellphone :stuck_out_tongue: .

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i’m so sorry about the misunderstanding the typo in the title could have caused. thanks for pointing it out! :smile:

I meant to say MP3. that was a typo on my part which might have caused some confusion.
I like the idea of using a cellphone to play tunes! perhaps it could act sort of like the media players in how you would play songs on it or something.

The arcade thing isn’t really a bug. It works the same way as condo media players where you need to press E on the player to watch stuff on it, if you leave without pressing E again it will continue to play just like a condo media player

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I’m aware MP4 players exist. But what he was suggesting was essentially an MP3 player (“music/podcasts/etc”), that’s why I said that.