Portable mp3 player/video player

I was playing gmod tower today, and I left my condo to go play a game, but I didn’t want to go because I was listening to the amazing mirror’s edge ost. When you leave your condo, you can’t keep listening to whatever you were listening to. My idea is to have a phone or ipod touch like device that lets you play music only you can hear anywhere. In addition to only playing audio, you could also watch all the current stuff you can watch on the TVs, such as when you wait for you ball race lobby to have enough people in it and you don’t feel like doing anything else.


The reason this was denied on GMod Tower is because you could pop open the Steam Browser and play stuff from there.

Seeing as how TU will be released on Steam, it will probably have the in game overlay as well.

I’m with @UberMedic


Actually, this suggestion does not imply other users can listen to the music as well, whereas the other things you tried to list in your argument are experiences you can share with others. That’s the whole point to them even being part of Tower in the first place. Your argument holds no ground.

If you are the only person listening to your music, then use a browser or an external program such as iTunes or whatever people use for music.


And how is that not a good reason?
It achieves the exact same result: listening to music as you play the game.
I find it pointless for the developers to go through the effort of coding this into the game as a feature when it’s so much easier for the player to just load up whatever music they wanted to hear through an external program.


Because Tower provides a visual representation of people who are actually there.
On SyncTube, sure, you can watch the same thing as someone else at the same time, but it just feels like you’re voice chatting with someone while watching a video.
On Tower, it feels more like you are actually with that person, sharing an experience with them. Not to mention you can have people walk in and out at random to share the experience with. Make new friends and whatnot.
Is this something you understand, or have you yet to experience this? Because it seems like you are missing the big point.
Adding this “music on the go” feature doesn’t make sense because (a) it is exclusively a client-side feature that cannot be shared with others, and (b) it doesn’t add anything that could not be achieved VERY EASILY by the player with little to no hassle at all.
That good enough of a reason for you?


Sorry, I can’t really help it if you didn’t understand the point of any of my arguments.
I’m pretty sure I worded them clearly enough for you to understand.
Maybe try rereading?

What would be a better solution to this is playlist support throughout all media. Having the ability to create and organize playlists on the go then as soon as you get back to your condo - bam your playlist is streaming for everyone.

It would allow you to also listen to that playlist on the go, if you wanted to.


I think playlists for condos are something to be expected. I mean, music in Lobby 2 condos is a first step, but it’s really uncomfortable to have to search for songs each time you entered the room

Please keep discussion civil here. That kind of behavior is really obnoxious.


Keep in mind, I did say only you could hear your music/see your video you watched on such a device, IF it were ever to be implemented.However, there can be other uses. For instance, a deployable speaker linked to your device so you could hold an impromptu party/crazy dance session in the open areas of the lobby. However, the speaker thing wouldn’t work for a variety of reasons, overpopulation being one of many. Also, trolling. Even if this isn’t implemented into the base game, maybe a modded server will add it.

I think this would be a cool idea to merge with the phones idea found here.
There, it discusses that you start off with a crappy flip phone and buy new phones later.
It would be cool to have the same system with MP3 players, where you start with a crappy one, and you can buy better ones later. Or you could buy a phone with music-playing support.


It would be cooler to listen to it anyways. Besides, maybe they could add it in so if you stand close to someone with an MP3 player you could hear it too. Or have a dance party outside in the plaza with a portable boombox. Gmod tower and tower unite is designed to be immersive, adding an mp3 player or the boombox would add immersion.

Oops i didnt realize techmaster already mentioned a dance party in the plaza :stuck_out_tongue:

And maybe adding a way to call people for long range voice chat or text people like a PM

Actually, I completely forgot that the Indiegogo page mentions a pair of headphones as an item that you can wear (if you back a certain amount) that will flash different colored lights depending on what music you are listening to in-game.
So I imagine this is pretty much already a planned feature.

I like the flashy lights thing. I want my rainbow headphones.

I hope colour picking is a thing for them, or even making it pulse through certain colours/the whole darn rainbow.

Was this feature ever confirmed or considered for the game? I was just about to make a topic on this. Rather, think radios.

If I may, let me expand a bit. I checked the list of what is confirmed for the game and I don’t see anything pertaining to being able to listen to music/audio in your condo. While you can watch videos on your TV, it’d be swell if you could do a similar thing with a radio.

I think music is equally if not more important than videos in a game like this.

Radios are already a thing for GMT. I’m certain that the devs will bring it (along with the disco and rave balls) back.