Portable inventory tool suggestion: Hider


Basically, it’s a tool to temporarily hide objects during building to avoid having to stash and re-place all the items. Could be used for easier building, or to preview how an area would look like with all the support materials removed.

Example controls:

  • LMB: Make item translucent, retain collision (items can still be placed on top; useful for aligning items, such as support pillars in different floors of a building)

  • RMB: Make item translucent, remove collision (can place items as if it wasn’t there)

  • Using LMB or RMB on an item again would un-hide the item (toggle).

  • Additionally, hiding an item should give it a translucent colored texture (such as a transparent blue or red, similar to the transparent green texture used when placing down a condo item) to make the item easier to see through. Items with collision enabled should be colored differently from those without collision enabled for clarity.

  • E: Cycles between making all hidden objects translucent, making objects without collision be completely invisible, and making all hidden objects completely invisible. Objects that are completely invisible wouldn’t be able to be un-hidden with LMB or RMB, so you can easily hide a multi-layered item.

  • R: Unhides all items.


Yes! Because Then i Can hide my po-…poems!


Good idea! This next sentence is completed unrelated to the thread’s topic.
How do you do the key formatting?


You do key formatting by surrounding your key with <kbd> and </kbd>, like so:
<kbd>Key Letter(s)</kbd>


I’m all for this, it’s got tons of potential. Take my vote. :smile: