Pop the Lock Arcade Game

Pop the Lock is a game where you need to time it so the red line hits the dot by pressing a button to have it stop. It increases in speed after every successful attempt. Once you do this 50 times you then get the jackpot. I saw this in Brutal Moose’s recent video and it looked fun.

Here is an example:

Dude, this is such a hard game. It is really fun, though. My best score is only like 40 or so iirc. My reaction time is awful. I once saw a guy get all the way down to 1 and then he missed that final press. Never has a man look so defeated. Lol.


I was thinking that since it was skill based, it would fit with the other arcade games in tower


Dude, that game looks like a ton of fun, i’d be down for a machine like that in Tower.


This is a great idea!
Also, glad to see another brutalmoose fan ;3


I was about to say we already have something like that being developed for the Arcade, but after watching the video it is indeed different. I love it!


Great idea, take my vote:)