Poor hit registration can't be compensated for with spammable weapons

I feel like most of the time it’s hard to figure out who is shooting at you, there is next to no visual feedback when you hit someone and hit registration naturally feels off. It feels like a spam fest where the only legitimate defense is to spam left click and the space bar.

It honestly feels like the high fire-rate was a design choice made to compensate for poor hit registration. I’d much prefer it if the game featured slower firing instagib rifles and slower movement so that this would actually feel like laser tag in the real world.

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You are looking more into something when it is just simply not balanced, yet. Hit registration is pretty good and the high fire-rate had nothing to do with it.

Also, this should go into suggestions, not general. And you have now made two topics of similar subjects.

Sorry, one thread was intended to gauge public opinion on my observations while the other was made to offer direct suggestions for improvement.