Pool Tables in the Casino or in the Arcade for 8-Ball Style Pool


If at all possible, I’d like to see pool tables added to either the Arcade or the Casino for 8-Ball style pool. I suppose you could also do Bumper Style pool on the same tables just have someone select which style of pool they wish to play prior to starting a game. But I’d be happy just to see 8-Ball since it is the more commonly well known style of pool played not only for fun but in a competitive tournament sense as well.

This image is from the game Pure Pool for Xbox One as an example, but I’m sure this level of detail could be easily replicated by the fine devs of Pixeltail and the amazing capabilities of the Unreal Engine.

Thank you for reading my suggestion, hopefully its requested by more people than just me and eventually added to Tower Unite, I’m sure it would be a welcomed addition to what is already an incredible game! :joy:


A pool table

Pool tables and air hockey tables are planned to be in arcades but may just have to go to condos because of server issues.


Got a source for that?


I don’t got a direct source but I recall hearing that it may cause too much of a strain on the server, since it has to do all physics calculations.


The exclusion of the pool table from the Plaza I believe originates from GMod Tower. Pool tables were super close to implementation. However they were toooooo crazy for the server, since it was all physics.
They’ll work better in TU. They’re going to make it in.

It’s also worth noting that Air Hockey was playable in the Plaza during Alpha.


Yeah pool tables will be a thing. @J_P Here’s the source for what rrmm mentioned.

Here’s a super early video of what the pool table looks like. They worked on it for a bit back in the early days of the alpha, but it was put on the backburner in favor for game worlds and stuff.


couldn’t you make the game it’s own minigame? I’d imagine people would commit to a game so it could be done p2p


I don’t think pool would be a great thing to be in the same category of minigames as Virus or Ball Race rather than the casino and arcade games.