Pool Table Ideas

I did a lot of research on pool tables as I did with my poker table topic. So I propose two kinds of pool. US and UK pool. I think we should have both!

We have two different kinds of pool tables in the arcade and nightclub. So I am thinking that there should be more differences between the tables. Here is a list of references.

Arcade Pool Table - Solids and Stripes. Bigger Balls. Straight pockets. Angled cushion.

Nightclub Pool Table - Reds and Yellows. Smaller Balls. Curved pockets. Flat cushion.

If you wanna go into more detail. Different cloth materials can also affect ball speed.

I also think you should be able to buy different kinds of pool tables, cue sticks and ball sets to use.

Different pool rules and games would be pretty awesome as well.

Here is a link to help with references on the difference between the two.

don’t know if you meant this but that’s the same link twice


Theres a difference in pool tables?


Perhaps players choose from a menu for 8-ball, 9-ball, one-pocket (with little walls popping up to block pockets or make them available based on the game being played?), straight pool (click the ball and pocket before shooting to call your shot), carom (see the aforementioned means of blocking the pockets), etc?

The table could have LED signs on the sides that display the game being played.


It would also be cool if we could have some sort of a “practice mode” where we can freely place balls around and just mess around or do trick shots.


Thanks for supporting my old suggestion haha. I updated a bit thanks to the nightclub update.