Poll: December 2022 Survey [CLOSED]

Hey everyone, it’s once again time for a new survey!

The survey is a bit shorter this year as we’ve removed some questions, however we do plan to have a second survey soon with some more in depth questions! So look out for that in the future.

Thank you for your survey submissions and your feedback! It’s greatly appreciated. (Remember to post bug reports on the forums, not on the survey)

We’ll be running this survey until December 18th!


I will once again be voting Kingdom as best Minigolf map :smirk:

Great stuff! Accidentally did it on my personal gmail account but oh well. VERY excited by the addition of Mutators in the “what are you most excited for” section. Been waiting for that very long! Hopefully you’ll add some for Zombie Massacre? I love playing ZM but would love some challenge, I typically already play with trying to stall getting any upgrades as long as possible, so I’d love to see some similar/further challenges like that added to the game. Cheers!