Poll: Casino Questions

Casino is around the corner and I’ve got a few questions to help me determine a few things.

New Slot Machine

So far we've got 3 slot machines that all play differently. What other slot machine would you be interested in? [poll name=slotmachine type=multiple min=1 max=2] - Slot machine based on Minigolf - Slot machine based on Planet Panic - Slot machine based on Virus - Slot machine based on the horror genre - Slot machine based on sci-fi genre - Slot machine based on the 80s [/poll]

Which two Card games do you want the most?

[poll name=card type=multiple min=1 max=2] - Poker - 5 Card Draw - Poker - Texas Hold'em - Blackjack - Videopoker [/poll]

Would you be interested in Slot Machines that have different Unit worth?

In real Casinos there's penny machines, dollar machines, etc. What I'm proposing would be a diamond slot machine that requires 15 Units to bet, but could pay up to 12000 Units and a diamond slot machine that requires 1 Units to bet, but pays up to 800 Units. Odds would remain the same. [poll name=units] - Yes, that would be useful - Not really, keep it simple [/poll]

As always, thanks for helping!

Keep in mind that if there’s a winner here that doesn’t guarantee things. I’m just generally interested in what people want.


Would these machines be on the high rollers floor?

I’m excited to see the slots about virus


Yeah, I’m confused too. People REALLY want Video Poker over Blackjack? :expressionless:

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i dont know how to play any casino game besides slots
can someone teach me

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I’m decent at poker so yeah eventually :x

I know a decent number of people that preferred playing video poker by themselves rather than sitting and waiting at a table and relying on people actually giving a good game.

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it’s a social game tho

I want to know if the card games that don’t win won’t happen, because I’m really really looking forward to Blackjack but it’s a close third right now, and that’s like my game. It’s my game.

Yeah, and that’s fair game, but I’m just stating that there’s still a group of people out their that would rather mind their own business and play something like video poker than wait at a poker table for people.

Planet Panic Slots:
When you get a thing like the spin icon from the WIP Wheel of Money on your line, Plinko at the top of the machine goes off, having 10 balls land in 1 credit, 2 credit, 5 credit, and 10 credit buckets, 1 and 2 credit holes appearing most often, 5 being a little harder to come across, and 10 being rare.

Also, the plinko buckets would have their Credit value randomized each time you pull the lever

Min. Bet: 1
Max Bet: 15
Min. Winnings: 5
Max Winnings: 500 (excluding Jackpot, which can infinitely rise)

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Sounds better for a mini golf theme.

Actually, I imagine the Mini-golf Slot Machine to be like one of the skill based slot machines they were talking about. I’ll draft out a concept here later, or maybe make it a dedicated thread.

We heard you like video poker, so we put video poker in your video game, so you can video poker in your video casino.

On a more serious note, the idea of different minimum bets seems like something at least worth experimenting with, worst case scenario it doesn’t work.