could u please fix poker problem? it isnt even a poker. I mean texas holdem. Just fix the problem that there are min/max bets the same and its waste of time playing it with max bet 1k? rly? We want milioners to play pokerlike 5k ante and 100k /all in max bet.

And would be nice if we wouldnt have to rejoin poker after every single game.

Sorry for my english not my native. But still, stop pretending like u have poker in game.

We’ved talked about this before. Poker will be updated to support split pots.

I already talked with macdguy about this. There’s a massive poker rework in the works, as well as bug fixes. Poker will soon play like it does in Telltale’s Poker Night games.

Thats all i need in tower unite :slight_smile: Thanks :stuck_out_tongue: I hope it will bring some poker fans to the game.

Mossybility for buying poker table in condo would be great too but its not something “have to be”

just pls… Do it quickly

Why you said that there is a massive poker rework in the works but on trello theres no sighn of it even in not confirmed tab…

maybe he just doesn’t feel like manually copying/writing every single internally planned feature onto the public Trello page?

Yeah, there is no reason to put it on the public Trello yet. Don’t worry, it will happen sooner than you think.

I cant wait any longer :C