Poker Table Ideas


So I was thinking. After playing Poker in Tower Unite for a while now. I think it would be nice if the Poker Table had more details and features and play a bigger role.

I think the poker tables downstairs should be less fancy looking and sporting stainless steel cup holders but not cheap looking, the suited speed cloth is still green while the Poker Table upstairs should look more fancy and high end and with a different colored suited speed cloth like red or purple and maybe exotic vinyl that goes with the gold cup holders. The table would also be a “kidney bean” shaped table. I would assume the chairs would be fancy and more expensive looking to go with the table as well.

Then you should have the cheap ugly poker table with a basic faded green color cloth with no cup holders or black plastic cup holders. and don’t forget the simple black legs that hold it. Yup, you should be able to have the basic cheap poker table at your condo and you can set the min bet from 1-1000. Since it’s custom and not in the casino that means you could play different rules of poker as well.

I would like to see the player limit increase to 10. You should also be able to put your drink in the cup holder too. Maybe before the game starts you can consume the drink.

You should also be able to pick any chair you wanna sit on rather then auto sitting you.

After a game finishes it shouldn’t kick everyone off. I know it’s already known but I wanna raise awareness of it.

The hologram-like display should be redone too so it can display the 5 community cards for others that wanna watch the game. Make sure it’s not reversed on the other side.

Maybe in the future, you can even customize your poker tables, you can even get a deluxe expensive poker table that you can customize with different options and the sets of chairs to pick for it too. The basic cheap poker table would obviously have very little to no options for its table due to being… cheap. Poker tables have so much you can do with them.

I also collect decks of cards in real life so it would be cool to have tons of different decks to buy. That means you can assign them to each table!

If you want a good reference for awesome tables and options look at to get a good idea on what you can do.

Uh… if you want a “good” reference for the other table… Um here you go.