Poker, selling items, casino glitches and servers

So first, I am a HUGE poker fan. I love playing, watching and reading. This poker table is an absolute joke! An after-thought D:. One hand and you stand, layout is impossible to deal with, very blocky as well. I would like to see some improvement on that end. Could really use it!

The casino glitches on every spin wheel, which makes it far too obvious that you are predestined to lose. Takes the fun out of pissing my money away :stuck_out_tongue: (We could also use more slots!! I love your wheel of nothing and quest slots soooo much!)

Selling items, there needs to be a drag bar. Or at least an option to sell multiples. I have like 500 cactuses right now(thank you) and I can’t sell the whole stack xD

Servers - The plaze needs to be MMO. Where everyone populates it. It is way too big for 64 people, that being said. There isn’t enough content to cram that many people there. I would expect to see this when some of the others are finished.

I am not trying to just bitch, just honest improvements that are really easy to work with(except the server obviously)! Loving the game so far, would like to see it grow more!

I see what you’re getting at, and there are several suggestions on how to fix this. One solution was showing players that are on other servers as entities or orbs to make the plaza feel more populated. I’ve even commented myself on how empty it feels sometime, but when you think about it, everyone has a destination in mind when they’re in the plaza. Nobody just sits on the benches or walks on the beach, players are either at their destination or going to their destination, never stopping along the way. That’s why it might feel empty sometimes.

I disagree. I would hangout if there were people just chilling on a bench. Just out of 40 people, 3 have mics. What are the odds that 3 people have enough in common to talk for hours? Adding more players in general would create an orgrimmar/stormwind (wow reference) of tower unite.

Endless poker is a feature we are working on. In GMT poker ended after one hand, which it’s why it’s like this for TU. Poker was definitely not an after-thought, but we plan to improve on it more.

This is a de-sync issue related to your connection to the server (you could have package loss even with decent ping).

We do plan to have more slot machines, but we’re working on getting other features up before we return to the Casino agian.

This is currently a limitation with Steam inventory. Our plan is to solve this issue with the upcoming Tower Express website.

We’re currently limited by 64 players at the moment (due to complex technical issues), but we hope to increase that. We also want to connect other plaza servers together so there’s “ghosts” of other plaza players visible and the chats are all combined.

Making an MMO isn’t our end-goal, but we aim to connect the plazas together a lot more.


I’m interested.

Here’s the page where you can learn more:

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