Poker quality of life improvements and balancing issues

I love poker IRL, but TU’s poker could use some small changes that could improve the casino’s poker tables.

  1. Dealer position/ turn order.
    One big problem Poker has in TU is the player that joins first is always first to act, this puts them at a massive disadvantage. In real poker, there is a button that is passed around the table letting all other players know who is playing first and what position they are in. being in an early position puts you in a more difficult spot because the people in late positions always wait for them to act first. Position in poker changes how valuable your hand is and leads to strategies such as trapping another player. You might see how this is a big problem when one player is always first to act. I would have suggested adding blinds, but being a very casual version of poker the ante system works very well (but if you add ‘sit and gos’ or tournaments please add blinds).

  2. Muck and Showing cards.
    At the end of a hand please don’t show all of the player’s cards. When someone folds they shouldn’t have to show anyone their hand. The only time cards are shown is at the end of a showdown, only the players that are still in the hand show their cards.

  3. Limit Hold Em’ VS No limit Hold Em’.
    Currently, TU poker is Limit Hold Em’ which could be changed to No Limit Hold Em’. Putting a limit on the bet makes sense when some players have millions of credits and some have far less, but having a player buy into the table instead would make TU’s poker 100x more enjoyable. Players would have to pay whatever the buy in is then can bet whatever they want. Making every player buy into the table forces each player to manage their chips better. Going all in is an exciting part of poker that TU sadly doesn’t have…yet.

I’d love to know what you guys think.

Not having to show your cards when you fold is a huge strategy in irl poker. This needs to be added so bad.


100% absolutely agree. I have a few additional suggestions as well.

  1. There should be more seats at all Hold’em tables, or at least at high stakes. Hold’em can be played from 2 to 10 players, it currently supports 5. Along with this, there should be at least 1 additional high stakes table (though this may not be necessary if seats are increased). While the high stakes table is empty most of the time, when people begin playing it it tends to attract a lot more people who then must to sit and wait at the side of the table.

  2. No Limit Hold’em could be a separate table in the high stakes room rather than a replacement. Having it exist would make the value of units way more apparent, and it would give another very good reason for grinding to get them or playing well. At the current high stakes table, some players may have 2 million, 5 million, or well over even 20 million units, which means that people tend to blindly click “raise” (which is default set to max 10k, so it is always 10k) because they are bored and the loss to them is not nearly as great. At no limit, betting would naturally involve more thought, as you say in your post.

I would be very excited to see these implemented in the upcoming casino phase two, and am glad someone else is interested. Thanks for reading our posts!


An additional thought, perhaps reimplementing chips (like in GMT) specifically for poker tables could be interesting. The casino has a separate currency concept at the moment but it is purely virtual with no buying of chips required. Just a thought, it may be too difficult to implement and I’m not sure if people would like it, but I think it could be cool since it is already being done in the arcade with tickets. The only difference is that the chips would simply be re exchanged into units.


I definitely want a “Ultra All-In” that bets literally every Unit you have in your account hahahaha

Yeah I love the idea of going to the casino cashier to convert credits into chips and the other way around. Just like GTA:O and the arcade.