Poker gameplay mechanics

My friends and I play a bit of other poker games, like Prominence and Social Club. We were waiting for endless poker, but found out it doesn’t quite follow the same rules. Full disclosure, I only play for social aspect, it doesn’t really bother me how it works, but some more of our regular poker players vocally (loudly) expressed issues. I’m relaying them to the best of my abilities.

  1. No big/small blinds currently exist. Instead everyone puts in the same amount each round. This doesn’t allow freebies where people with bad cards can dip out without constantly losing chips. It also doesn’t create incentives for bb/sb to bluff hands they already are invested in.

  2. No ability to re-raise. You raise once and if no one raises you can only check. Personally a big fan of this because my friends are monsters and re-raise a lot. But it’s is how the game is meant to be played, by acting like monsters.

  3. No all-in. The thought is scary of losing serious units in a couple hands of poker to me… but it would create a pretty crazy environment. Maybe a safety would be a chip based system for poker that isn’t units directly (but creating a new currency is not a small suggestion I realize).

Not sure if split pots exist as well, we didn’t get to that point. I think this was pretty much it. I know casino/poker updates aren’t the communities favourites, and I’m not expecting the most flushed out poker game ever here, but I’m just providing feedback I was given. :+1::orange_heart:

We are considering making a separate chip currency to allow for all in to work better (since people probably don’t want to all-in their entire Units). When that system is made, then we can make re-raising a well work out a lot more. Blinds and Split Pot are something desired and will be worked in eventually.


I was just thinking something like that would be a great solution for this. Plus it’s more like how real Casinos work.

Do you mean a currency only for the casino like “Chips”?
If i understand well, in the future we’ll be able to spend our units to buy casino chips and they’ll be used on all casino’s machines?
Sooooo… If we need to convert a single chip to units :thinking:
I really need to know this, as it sounds a very interesting system.

I believe Chips were also used in later GMT IIRC.

is this still something the devs are working on?