Pokemon FireRed / LeafGreen Recreation


Another day in Tower Unite and I’ve decided to recreate Pokemon FireRed / Leafgreen for GBA.

The Intro:

Hero House: 1F and 2F (Pretty empty for the time being)

And of course, the town every gamer should at least know by now, Pallet Town! Officer Jenny is mainly there to just block players from continuing. Hence the out of place canvas picture as well, which will be removed once I start to add routes. A lot of it has been guess work while trying to make it look good at the same time when only certain sides of buildings and places are shown.

All buildings will be enterable once placed down, right now only the Hero home works. Now I’m not sure on how far I will go with this project, but time will only tell. I’m mainly experimenting with a trick that Dr.Rabbit taught me. Also thanks to Lemon for helping out with some of the textures!

I’ll update this thread more once progress has been made!



Super impressive, you are a very talented builder.



Thanks Dylan!

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Using the stairs to recreate the roof sidings, genius! That’s crafty. Good work Mogul!



The only downside is even with the correct color of the stairs the color is always dark thanks to no glow option. But thanks!

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Route 1 is now added!



I fixed up Route 1 and fixed the bushes as well which had the ugly white lines previously. As well as giving Route 1 some depth with hills

Time to work on Route 21!



Some updates to the condo! Kinda stopped on Route 21 for a bit and decided to put a little more time into Virdian City to try to finish it up.

WIP Map of Viridian City:

WIP Pokemon Center:

WIP Pokemon Mart:

WIP Inside of the Pokemon Mart:

And that’s about it for now. I have plans to eventually turn this condo into a community condo so it can stay up and running for people to have their own adventures when the condo is finished.