Point A to Point B selection for the Condo Glove

ive often thought it would be incredibly handy to have a point a to point b type of selector where you say… first set a point on the ground at one corner of the section youd like to edit / copy / etc. and then either some way to place point b in the sky on the opposite corner or at the very least, select point b on the ground and specify the height you want to go up to

could something like this be done?

isnt this just the transformer tool? unless you mean an tool that just moves an item to where you’re pointing, which the duplicate function on the copycat tool kinda does, if you delete the original object.

It sounds like basically a 3D box select tool, so based on the two points it makes a box and anything inside gets selected, and you could group them up or something. Would be pretty useful for moving large/complex stuff like buildings


Would love this for deleting/moving large swaths of objects. Even if it wasn’t too exact this would be great.

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I would love a tool that would let me select all items within a 3d space, similar to the photoshop lasso tool.


unfortunately no, im meaning as @calculatorspoon said, a 3d box select tool to quickly make big selections

yes, exactly!