Plushies hidden around the Winter Plaza


As I’m sure some people have already noticed, there are some plushies hidden around the Winter Plaza.

We have the three snails on the roof of the arcade:

The whale at the ticket counter in the transit station:

And a penguin at the corner of the boardwalk outside of the bowling alley:

Anybody find any others around the map?


There is a turtle as well, but they are taking over and plan to get the biggest snail plush to destroy everyone except for Drrabbit and the blorps! You gotta act fast! Save everyone so that blorps and normal people can have equal rights! But I do love blorps…


there’s one in central circuit


Just found one at the casino fountain



EDIT: There’s also a fox at Central Circuit.


also im guessing ^^^ That is the one spookz was on about


Found a few more of them.



Rob’s Imports:


Hedgehog plushy confirmed guys


Oh, shit. Didn’t even notice what that was until you said something. Only took a quick look at first. This is awesome


Sneaky little spider.


Here’s a guide I’ve made for finding each. It includes a turtle hidden ontop of Sweet Suite Furnishings


can’t wait for the achievements update to release and they change all the locations of the plushies just to mess with you guys ::::󠀡󠀡)