I really, really hate to do this, but a fairly popular music DJ service,, is facing funding issues, to the point of where they could have to shut down next month. is a massive community of people who enjoy music. The site works by allowing you to queue up YouTube/Soundcloud songs in a DJ list, in people can vote on who they like the most. There are rooms and communities dedicated to almost every kind of genre imaginable.

But the problem is, this month, they need to get some more funding, or they’ll have to shut down. I can’t donate due to an issue with the credit card company. If any of you use or want to get into it, I highly recommend donating.


Oh god, first This Is My Jam, now PLUG.DJ TOO?!! Why does every good music-based service I touch DIE!? D: bit the dust as well. People are already flocking to alternatives, but I haven’t yet found one that is at least functional. I’ve only heard of Dubtrack (the MLP room on Plug is moving there, but not a lot of stuff works on the site and navigation is clunky) and an upcoming one called Turn, which is being made by a guy who made a script to export playlists from Plug.

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Yeah, I knew about the Turntable thing. Sucks. And I can’t donate to Plug cause it says I’m not Level 3, even though I am clearly Level 4. What? Wait no, there it goes. Never mind.

You mean your… bank?

Also, if the community is fairly large, how is it facing funding issues?

Yeah it’s sad that could/will be shut down soon. Based on the rate of money being donated to them and the due date it looks like will end up like a sunk ship.

wow this makes me really sad :frowning: I’m wondering if its because they switched to the monthly subscription thing? or if they switched to the monthly subscription thing because they started to notice their funding was sinking… :pensive:

Because they really had no source of revenue outside of advertising and some virtual avatars. The problem now is they’re going about it the wrong way.

When reddit faced funding issues, they really incentivized reddit gold by making the rewards sweeter and putting a goal meter on the front page. Plug took the opposite direction, by restricting users that couldn’t pay for a subscription/donation.

Right now, I cannot create, activate, or import playlists without subscribing. I also do not believe I can create a room. The community was furious and went off on Plug staff for making such an awful mistake in their last days. I chronicled it on Twitter and Plug actually responded, standing by their decisions in spite of their community.


Wow, I had no idea they did ANY of that. I rarely go on Plug, and the fact that you can’t create a room without paying is just stupid.

I think people are moving to Dubtrack afterwards. It has the most similar functionality along with being open-sourced on Github. They released the whole frontend for developing chat bots.

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Yeah I’ve been using dubtrack the whole night since seeing this and I’m loving it so far. Found a great room already that plays my favorite style of music atm and the community seems to be pretty chill so far. not to mention Plug has only got 65% of its needed donations and only has until the 28th

I’m pretty sure that you can at least make one room.

Guys I heard you can do everything does and more in this new and upcoming game called Tower Unite :smirk:


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They have a Slack? WHERE!?

Oh and also :sob:

It’s for Radiant, a rather large community and creator of a popular plugin for Plug.

Is it possible to get in it anymore?

The Slack? Yes. Plug itself? No.