"Pluck A Pal" Leaderboard

I think the “Pluck A Pal Most Pals Caught Of The Week” leaderboard ( in the “B” > “Leaderboards” > “Arcade” > “Pluck-A-Pal Most Pals Caught Of The Week”) screen could be improved upon. This is only showing who has played it during the past 7 days. I’d like the community aspect of this. Seeing how my friends have done. Instead it looks like just the people who have played during the past 7 days are shown. I’d like to see how my friends are doing.

I might be confused about what you are talking about. The number that pops up is the number that would appear on the Pluck a Pal leaderboard.

I’m referring to when you press ‘B’ for and then under Leaderboards. What is available at the entrance of the arcade is only the top 10 players from that week.

There is a pluck a pal leaderboard in the arcade.

What you’ve pasted is a “top 10” list. What I’m talking about is being able to see how my Tower Unite friends are doing with Pluck A Pal. They aren’t display in this “top 10”.

… this?

Yes. However I have about 40 Tower Unite ‘Steam’ friends. That isn’t showing nearly all of them. I am thinking this only shows who has played this recently.

they would have had to played Pluck a Pal during the week