Pluck-a-Pal bug / possible exploit

Steps to Reproduce


What I expected to happen

Nothing happens; doesn’t affect the game.

What happened

The player can access the inside of the machine, manipulating the prizes from within by moving around, allowing the actual player (i.e the player that is moving the crane) to obtain more than one prize. The player inside can also glitch the claw.


I’ve redacted the method to get inside, in order to prevent exploitation of the bug.
If developers would like to know, please PM me.
Leaderboards for Pluck-a-Pal are currently unfair, as the top spot has several thousands caught this week.

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The leaderboard just counts the amount you have caught in total. If you win Pluck-a-Pal once in that two week period it puts you on the board.


It shouldn’t say week if that was the case, lol.

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The top spot has also been documented autowalking with macros between the token dispenser and pluck a pal