Plinko madness!

After hours of moving outdoor lights around, tested, and fixing it is finally done!

This minigame is a mix of double or nothing and Plinko.

You as the player put a tiny ball in the of the teleporters which will teleport it to the 1.000 unit lane. At the button are blue teleportes located which will teleport it to the next lane.

If the ball doesn’t hit one of the teleporters at its end, you will be rewarded with the amount of units at the current lane.

The further up the ball goes, the more challenging will it get. If the ball hits a red teleporter, it will go one time back to the previous lane.

If the player is lucky enough to have the ball to reach the final teleporter, the player will win 25.000 units.


Dude, when are you gonna start hosting Tower Unite game shows?! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Really cool! Glad to see people making such crazy stuff with the new items!

Wish there was a option to gift units to other players, you could make a minigame with that!

Gifting units has been a controversial topic and if it co-existed with trading items ingame real world trading and would probably happen and mess up a lot of things and accidentally create an economy . Though, gifting units already exists with poker and high stakes poker.

In My opinion, the payout needs to be higher, You can probably make that kind of money with two games of Virus, tops, I’d say 10,000 is a good starting prize, with 150,000 being a mid range and 500,000 potentially being a jackpot.

Yes and no.

Yes it would be nice if the payout is bigger. I thought about making the jackpot to be around the 250.000 when I was building this. and 5000 or so in the start. It would pull a bigger crowd of people tempting to try it out and win the big pot, but after I did a few tests to see how well it functioned I came to a point where I had to lower the payout as it was somewhat easy to get to the 3rd and 4th lane without trouble.

A game of virus can surely give you like 5000 units. I haven’t played it for some time so I don’t really know what the payout is going to be like.

But my question is, how long does a single game of Virus take?
The Plinko game takes between 10 sec - 45 sec in total as the ball actually goes through all the lanes, and boom you win maybe 12.000 units in that short time span.

Virus has a lot of waiting time between it which decreases the rate of the amount of units you earn over the time of the game which I take into consideration when I make these minigames.

In short I calculate the amount of units depending how long the game takes.

I could of course make some sort of “happy hour” event and increases the payout levels from time to time.

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This is a great idea! maybe I should make some sort of game room in my condo…:thinking: