PLEASE remove the helicopter escape feature


It adds nothing to the game, other than letting assholes stall the round for an additional 10-15 seconds. it’s incredibly annoying. Especially on the boss round, where they can do it for up to two goddamn minutes


So? I mean, its not like you get paid less for doing shit faster. That just seems silly.


still, having to wait just because someone decided to be a douche shouldn’t be a thing


I actually like the helicopter a lot and look forward to it being a milestone reward. I agree people dragging their feet to end the round is an issue, but I feel this can be remedied in a way that doesn’t require the removal of the helicopter itself.


But if the helicopter gets removed, what else will I bash my Retro against to make silly noises?


shit, didn’t think of that
okay, thread cancelled everyone, i changed my mind