Please make this a thing in Tu

Maybe to play music in your condo you need to buy a radio and have this be the most expensive one or have it in the nightclub or the boardwalk or bring into the plaza during parties I dunno I just really want to see this thing in game. Please based Foohy.

If this gets included, I think the yellow circles should be able to change color depending on either their height or the intensity of the music. Other than that, it would be cool to see this somewhere in the Plaza, perhaps next to the ferris wheel or on the beach? The thing looks cool against a sunset background.


Great idea, but i think it should be custimizable instead of a set thing.
For example you could chose a default color
A set of colors
2 Colors that fade back and forth (you can chose to have this synced up or have them change at random speeds)
Same as last but several different sets of colors or more colors per ball
I like your idea of changing depending on height or intensity of the music but i think you should alse there be able to chose which colors they change to yourself

All in all, more customization

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The video that was posted was a test, testing their music api system, where a similar technology will be used in the Night Club. The test was for, If I recall correctly, the manipulation of physics objects in game based on music, not the music actually being played in the game.

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“what’s the deal with seinwaves anyway”