Please give us the snail boi


We need the old snail that was shown in old pictures of TU!
This is a very important request, we need this snail boi. just look at him!


I can’t say no to that face.

I mean just LOOK AT HIM. He is so pure and wholesome. I support this.


Let snail boi rise above all plushes as king of plushes!

But seriously, if the snail plush is meant to be an arcade milestone or arcade specific loot, I can wait. :heart:


1 vote = 1 snail saved


I need him


this needs to be the mascot


It looks a lot like the snail from adventure time




Snails move too fast for the physics engine to accurately render them. They’d appear to us as a blur, and in severe cases: invisible. That’s why we don’t have snail anymore.


That snail does look familiar to many.


the snail is going to be an arcade prize for 100000000000000000000 tickets


I change my mind he looks very polite


we also need this cut off duck


Pixeltails HQ - Maybe we should add them… But are we gonna?


Snaily is just on vacation for now, but he will come to us soon!


Lovely little snaily boy :snail:


he became a stunt driver


this snail is dumb i bet he leaves his front door open


dont speak bad about snail on he will bend all your joints the wrong way


Snail is minecraft batman