Please fix rubberbanding

Hey team. Decided to post it here because it’s the most affected mode by this.

First of all, I understand Accelerate is currently on a beta state, and changes are
subject to happen, and I also understand this isn’t something that’s “easily fixable”, but anyways, we need to talk about the critical issue that is rubberbanding on multiplayer.

I’ll get straight to the point. This game world currently is barely playable with any amount of lag you have. No matter what you do, your movement and/or position gets very jittery and unpredictable whenever you drift, boost in any way, gain or lose height, or you get affected by the Flux item.
I’m going to attach some clips below of some full runs I did with some friends, but if you want to test by yourselves, try getting into lobbies with about 40~100+ ping. The clips were recorded in a lobby with about 90 ping average. It gets worse the more players there is or the more lag you have.

RR.webm - Google Drive
CCR.webm - Google Drive
PV.webm - Google Drive

Compare against Ball Race for example, in there you might have the occasional hiccup with moving platforms, and you have a time handicap the more lag you have, but the movement is basically the same as in singleplayer and works flawlessly.
I really like this game world, and I’m really looking forward for the eventual workshop map support, but until this issue gets fixed, it’s simply not fun to play multiplayer, it doesn’t feel rewarding to drive around because instead of racing against the other players, you’re driving against the game’s latency.

If anyone else wants to share their experience while playing multiplayer, feel free to comment.

PS. I’d also like to clarify this issue also happens with most other places, like SDNL, Condos and Plaza, player movement can be very jittery too.


Yeah, this player rubber banding happens every single time I play Tower Unite. Doesn’t matter how close the server is, what game mode, what update. Even after the summer netcode improvements this happens.