PLEASE... DEVs a few things needing a desparate fix, some suggestions

I haven’t had time to sit and read through all the posts, so apologies if any of this has already been mentioned. Plus I COMPLETELY understand this is early access, I like what I have experienced so far, and am with you all the way, so these are suggestions for you to consider:

I understand timeouts on MMOs. I have played enough MMOs to understand AFK… but… EVERY time you sit and start working that slot handle, the game thinks you go AFK and asks you to press a button. AFK should be for a timed amount of inaction. Pulling that handle for an hour or two drives me insane having to prove I am still here constantly… Not to mention the slot machine will kick you off after a few mins of not pulling the handle… honestly, I don’t have a cocktail waitress and have to run to the fridge or make a pit stop. A few more minutes would be a nice gesture. With server limits of 50 right now and more than 50 slot machines alone on the server, I don’t think would tie things up that much. I only play on NY US servers, so I cannot speak if others are more crowded, but in NY I can’t see a few more minutes hurting.

On one side of the island you have a tube pool river that wraps around. On one side of that is a water slide ending in a pool. You can pick up a tube all around the area, but not at the top of the slide. Fortunately, the game puts you in one if you go down the slide anyway even if you didn’t pick one up.
At the bottom of the slide you land in a pool. There are ladders there, but you cannot go up them. Right now the only way I can get out is by jetpack or suicide… Please enable the ladders…

That tube track river that wraps around is very long and nice. But there is also no way to climb out if you fall in or want to get to the other side to say, use that slide. You have to walk a mile around to the one bridge to go over. Another way across would be stellar, not to mention a way to get out if you fall in.

I like the Trivia, but it’s very difficult in some areas. A choice on topics would be a must as well as a skill level to choose from, I would suggest. I’m sure it’s a work in progress and I have only visited once, so I may have missed an option, but it seemed to be limited on choices.

The condo you start with is amazing. Move me in IRL. Options are great, but no way to currently change the tub or shower. Right now they are an eyesore with the rest of the room. Perhaps in the future…
I bought a teleporter or two for the house. I have that long beach, figured I could put a TP from there to the front door inside the house, but there seems to be no way to do it. When you place the TP you have to edit the transport spot and are locked in view so you cannot move around to where you want it to go. Unless it was meant to be a short range thing?

Buying items is super fun… But some of them lie flat on the display when you shop and since you cannot zoom in, you cannot see some of them. Plus a perspective would be helpful on some of the items. Trying to figure out what item displayed at 20% would translate to digitally at 100% is not easy… I expected the movie theater TV screen to be large… It’s the size of the side of my condo! Didn’t expect that… OK, Movie theater screen what did I expect? lol… but still… It’s HUGE!
AND… that light is a bit dim when you see items on display when in a store. Some items are just not visible no matter how I spin it around.

Honestly, having a ton of fun so far. I had my 2 friends get the game too, so plenty of fun to come. The game is progressing well and I appreciate all that has been done so far! Feedback helps. I’m sure some of this is already on your list and hopefully helpful overall.

This is to prevent players from using macros on the slot machines. The popup shows every 15 minutes iirc.

The devs most likely expected people to use a jetpack to get out. Pressing K is also an option.

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Jump crouching also works to get out of basically anything, including the pool. More ladders/exits would definitely be nice to have though since not everyone knows that.

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Casino slots time out to prevent botting, not just AFKing.

We’re making adjustments to the pool area so you can get out easier.

Trivia will be updated, but not for awhile since it was one of the least desired to be updated (and we have other games that desperately need reworking at the moment like Poker).

Teleporter is a bit hard to work with, but I do want to improve that.

Yeah I agree the item previewer needs work.


Botting… didn’t think of that… I figured with no micro transactions there would be less cheating, but that happens in all MMOs… makes sense. At least they give you a few bucks for hitting the button!! lol…

Poker is good… hopefully we get a sit down blackjack table too! Bingo is popular as well…

Fishing and Bowling are great though!!!

Will remember K for future… good tip!

If this is from the recent survey, can we see a summary of the selectable data once it’s over?

They confirmed they will release the results once the survey concludes (Jul 26)

It’s actually from Which game should we improve on first? (December 2018 poll)