Please Decrease The Volume or Audible Range On The "Wheel of Fire" Machines

That whiny voice and screaming is the only thing I can hear in the arcade half the time and it drowns out just about everything out. I feel like i’m going crazy listening to it, may something please be done about it? Maybe have the voice lines happen less, maybe decrease the volume. But it’s in such a place where I just hear it constantly no matter what i’m playing

LET IT BURN LET IT BURN LET IT BURN legally I have to say that this machine is not rigged THE WEATHER OUTSIDE IS…

Ah, the beautiful sounds of the arcade. I still have the nightmares.


They could add an option in Effects where you can disable them Arcade sounds

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It’s not like it’s every machine, it’s just that specific one for me.

I like the arcade sounds though, it makes the place come to life

I just hate hearing those specific incredibly noisy voice lines nearly everywhere I go


Maybe a setting where you can disable individual machine sounds such as Wheel Of Fire


That would be quite nice. I think if there is a ‘range’ audio travels it should be greatly reduced for that machine, but a setting for different machines would be great as well. “Nerfing” the volume of the Ring of Fire; as it were, would be better for fixing the core issue though

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Personally I just want this specific machine to be changed. The voice is was too frequent and overpowering compared to the other noises, considering none of them feature frequent voiced lines. I love arcade ambience, but hearing Family Guy-esque catchphrases over and over and over and over is… not pleasant.


^^ I appreciate the humor in a taunting, mocking Arcade machine, but they loop lines far too frequently, and some are a bit too obnoxious to hear throughout the Arcade. If the volume was reduced and the radius tightened that would be very very nice thank you

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