Plaza soundscapes/ambient music

Something I realized that was missing from the Plaza recently is a soundscape of any kind: pretty much any area without speakers is, for the most part, completely silent.

I think adding ambient sounds that play in the Plaza would make it feel a lot more lively. Here’s a few examples of sounds that I think would fit really well:

  • Waves hitting the shore and seagulls at the beach/boardwalk
  • Crickets, other bugs, and leaves swaying in the wind in the nature area/tops of the west/east stores
  • Muffled sounds playing from the buildings in the main plaza (like the nightclub but for everything else)
  • Wind at the top of the tower

Additionally, I think it’d be really nice if the ambient music from Lobby 2 (which now plays in the main menu) returned, slowly fading in while you’re in areas which don’t have speakers in them.

Yes please. I really miss the old soundscapes from Lobby 2.


God yes. I LOVE ambience like this. I miss the Lobby 2 music so much, too :pleading_face:

This would breathe so much life into the plaza!

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To add to your suggestion, these soundscapes could also be placeable in condos. The only thing we have that is close to that right this moment is the Spooky Sound Emitter.

In addition to this, I also suggest Reverb Volumes so that game audio can echo and not sound so flat. Reverbs would be effective in the Chainsaw Deathmatch room, the stairwell between Condo Lobby and Project 12, Virus Solar, Virus Subway, Minigolf Dark, Minigolf Emission, tunnels in Accelerate Pine Valley, etc. These are just a handful of locations where reverbs would sound effective and add some much needed atmosphere.

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