Plaza minigames

like in gmod tower lobby 1 you have plaza mini games after the launch of december updates they went away for some reason so id like to see them in this game remade and renewed like the chainsaw fights sniwball fights and dogfighting

This has been suggested many times.

I think once all the promised features are done we can get to these again. We’ve gotta finish Casino, Bowling, Laser Tag, etc. first. The minigames were cool, but having dedicated building to minigames seems to be the new way to do them. If we bring back snowball fight or chainsaw battle - they’ll most likely be in an arena of some sort.


ok good to know i just kinda dislike how this game kinda lacks old features that were in gmod tower i appreciate how you are gonna do this cause like i typed a second ago i kinda miss the old vibes from them minigames

It’s in its baby stages.


yeah i know you gotta make it grow from that to another and need to do al that with scripting and all that folder making and constant complexity to balance it out

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