Plaza Map Development

I started working on the Plaza this week connecting the various parts of the map that’s always been disconnected physically (like the Casino, Bowling, Arcade, etc.).

So far I’ve connected the Casino and Bowling as well as putting more visual upgrades into each interior.

Here’s the results. I’m tired right now but I’ll update this thread tomorrow.


Oh my heavens that looks amazing!

Casino looks absolutely fantastic. I feel like the top parts of the bowling alley should be a bit more illuminated but thats just me. Also as far as the exteriors go the casino is once again, fantastic. The bowling alley is also good but those black shapes outside of the two side pins strike me as a bit weird. This is all just my two cents though.


Damn i’m looking forward to bowling!

This is fantastic. I’m looking forward to playing bowling but also looking forward to trying out the new games in the casino. Great job! :smiley:

I’m in love <3

Those diamonds in the bowling still feel a bit off, but I can get used to them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you plan to put all the boardwalk buildings side-to-side?

This. Looks. Amazing. Keep it going guys! :smiley:

So fancy

Lookin’ fancy, can’t wait to see the full completed plaza!

How many of those gifs do you have?
[size=7]and can I have them all please[/size]

Also Casino looks absolutely stunning

@Sabrina asked me on steam:

Are the buildings connected to the lobby like for real, or are they “warp points” that don’t actually feel like warp points?

The interiors are connected to the plaza for real. There are no warp points or secret hidden warp points.

This is something that we’re trying right now and while we haven’t measured performance or done any optimization yet - it seems like Unreal 4 is suited for this and I personally haven’t noticed any drop in FPS.

But that could change once we keep adding more and more to the plaza. We’ll find out if physical locations is feasible because I really want it to be.

I figured if someone had that question I’d answer it here so everyone knows.

Yeah, I literally just finished attaching bowling yesterday and the interior still isn’t at its first pass. I need to add more detail and tweak the lighting which I plan on doing today.


These all look awesome! Just one thing, I think the lights on the outside of the casino should be a little more fast paced. But, other than that, everything looks so cool! :slight_smile:


That looks so beautiful man.

That looks really beautiful. It also looks like a really relaxing and chilled out atmosphere, with the lighting which I love. Keep up the great work! :smiley:

Mmmm, dat sexy blue bowling alley

I can’t wait to bowl! Too bad it’s not coming in 0.0.05.

No it’s totally coming in