Plaza EXP Earned versions of Silver, Gold, and Cosmic CatSack Backpack

I was having a long conversation with a few people on the Discord about cosmic catsacks, and the thought struck me: “Why are their no silver, gold, and cosmic versions of the catsack backpack?!”

I threw it out there in the conversation, and everyone seemed to love the idea; especially the idea of wearing the respective golden jetpack with the golden variety for for all intents and purposes, a golden catsack jetpack combo!

I can’t really offer a good set amount of Plaza EXP, or what have you to reach the milestones.
But I feel it would be a fitting and fun addition to the already amazing Plaza EXP collection of earnables!

I’m certainly a fan of the idea, and so are a bunch of people on the Discord too!

No matter your decision, thank you for taking the time to read this.
I appreciate all of your collective hard work and dedication to us! <3

I would personally love to see a number of plaza milestones added, as well as a potential raise to the highest level (or further levels). As the hub for the game, more frequent incentives to spend time in it go a long way in making your time feel well spent.


That’s the general vibe we had while talking about it in the Discord too.

More isn’t always better, but it would seem people would like more steps along the path in the Plaza EXP process.


I have a few more ideas for Plaza EXP rewards, such as customizing your profile background. I do like the idea of catsack backpacks though for sure!