Plaza and Casino XP

I feel like the plaza and casino need more ways to obtain xp other than every 12 minutes and achievements. As of right now the milestones for them feel more like compensation for spending absurd amounts of time rather than a reward for putting in the work. Perhaps the plaza could be set up where participating in events (such as the current easter egg hunt event) will give you a bit of xp. Another idea could be giving plaza xp for playing minigames that can only be played in the plaza like bowling or typing derby (but at a smaller amount than the xp gained for that minigame itself). As for casino there could perhaps be a very small xp gain for every bet placed. Perhaps an xp payout for winning a certain amount too (like a 10 unit payout gives 100 xp and thexp increases per payout tier up to the jackpot which could give 1,000 xp or something) nothing too huge, but something to make it feel like you actually earned the xp. I feel like these ideas could possibly deter players from using macros and anti-afk exploits as they would no longer feel like it’s necessary due to having more options to obtain xp.

I’m pretty sure why the plaza milestones take their time to gain is because they are rewards for spending time in the plaza. They should be bonuses for being a plaza regular. Only the dedicated to plaza will deserve the milestones.
Usually by the time you get the diamond jetpack, you become well-known in plaza. I have people often say hi when i log in to my local plaza server (fitting title Familiar/Respected) because i’m on that much they know me well.

Plus, the diamond titles and max milestones for the plaza and casino are long-term goals that you could get over a month or two. They’re certainly not to be rushed, like the jump and walk achievement are designed to be long-term too.
Hitting 1m Plaza xp is sorta like the ultimate goal of Tower. Savour the moment!


also since you get plaza xp passively you can work on other milestones at the same time


I’d imagine getting Plaza XP should be easier the more down the road development is, with Fishing/Arcade/Ocean Expansion stuff filling more things to do


Yeah with fishing and all of the other games, including seasonal events, plaza exp is in a good spot if you ask me. you aren’t meant to go at it and get it all in one day.


Plazas fine imo, but damn if Casino XP isn’t a slog

Winning jackpots in the casino and getting no EXP rewards feels off to me, excluding GQ I don’t see why not. Other than that I don’t see a problem in it anymore - I wished it was faster until I realized that there’s so many areas in the Plaza to get EXP in that you’ll probably be done with Plaza before all of the things in it. Especially with Fishing coming out soon, I feel like that’ll take some time to get 1M in but it looks incredibly relaxing and fairly entertaining.

With Casino EXP, it’s designed so that no one game in it would give you an advantage for EXP earn rate. Since every game differs so much, just the activity of being in the Casino seems more fitting. EXP in casino is meant to be a status symbol and there’s less milestones for that reason as well.

It’s designed to be earned passively, not grind.


Fair enough. I would like to know one more thing… for gaining plaza xp obviously using macros and exploits to avoid being afk is not allowed, but what about just idling and actively moving around every so often to prevent being afk? I’m aware plaza xp isn’t meant to be grinded, but if one really chose to grind for it would this method be allowed?

it should be i’m fairly certain? if you are keeping yourself from going afk without macros (tabbing back in and flying around for a second) then you should be fine

I’m fairly certain it is, but I’d rather be sure that it is before attempting it. I was told by some guy on the steam forums that idling in a store menu for xp was fine, but then I got my xp wiped so obviously he was lying and/or didn’t know what he was talking about (my mistake for trusting some rando on steam)… So now I’d rather be 100% sure before I try anything.

yeah, the store idling is absolutely an exploit, but actually walking about plaza and stuff without doing minigames or anything is fine.

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Doesn’t casino take just as long as the plaza to max out? I don’t mind that exp is only earned passively but I do think it should be like theatre where it’s faster than plaza exp.

Someone should have told me that earlier.


Since you only need half a million casino EXP as opposed to a full million plaza EXP - no. I’d say it’d take half the time but casino EXP feels a bit slower than plaza, so assuming I ain’t crazy I’d assume plaza is still a fair bit faster regardless just due to the end goal being twice as high

Doesn’t Theatre also cap out at 500k? With so many activities in plaza, it doesn’t make sense that I should spend more than half of my total plaza time in one area. It’s not really a huge issue, but I definitely still think casino exp is a little bit too slow.