PlayStation 2 Has Now Sold 160 Million Units?

I am shocked to hear in the official Nintendo Life article when Jim Ryan was notified during the Official PlayStation Podcast that the PS2 was sold for not only 155 million units, but 160 million units.

This also get the reaction to Simba from Disney’s animated masterpiece The Lion King, and even Eric Cartman from South Park from the Two Hundred and One episode.

As far as I’m aware by Jim Ryan’s PS2 sale record reveal, it’s impossible for Nintendo to outsold the PS2 with 5+ million units after Jim Ryan’s interview podcast.

Top Three Best-selling Game Consoles

  1. PlayStation 2 with 160 million units sold worldwide (world record holder)
  2. Nintendo DS with 154.02 million units sold worldwide (best selling handheld consoles)
  3. Nintendo Switch with 139.36 million units sold worldwide (currently on the market)