Playing videos/streams from other webpages?


"Any webpage URL can now be requested for media players in the Condo "

The newest update allows us to insert links into the medias that aren’t only youtube. One issue I had with youtube is that I wanted to watch a series with a few friends, but thanks to youtube’s copyright strikes, that wasn’t possible.
Now that medias apparently allow all kind of links, has anyone figured out how you can actually get non-youtube videos to play?

The issue that comes for me is that it displays the whole page, like an actual browser. I’d probably need a direct link to the stream / video, but I have no idea how to actually get it. And even then, how would you start the video since medias don’t allow input.


I’m pretty sure that, at the moment, YouTube’s format is the only video format currently implemented. “Any URL” just means it will display the web page, not necessarily whatever media it might also contain. Even if you had a direct link, I don’t think the media would play.


For Twitch streams just add /popout at the end of the url like:

As for other services, I have no idea at the moment. I know Sam is interested in making more media services.


If you enter a link to a video file it will automatically play it. Test it with this

EDIT: I tested this right now. For a second you can see the Webkit-Videoplayer controls popping up. So it’s still using webbrowser. As a conclusion. You need a website or direct video URL that plays automatically.


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Depending on what player the site you’re using is using, you can sometimes right click the video and open it in a new tab with a direct link to the video. The direct link should auto-play just fine and should be in full-screen most of the time.


Weird twitch isn’t auto-playing for me. Any idea how to fix that?

/Edit2: Okay you simply need to install the “Adobe Flash Player for Opera and Chromium - PPAPI” since that’s the one the steam overlay browser uses. You can find the download here: (Remember to untick the extras)


I tried adding some .mp4 files to my webserver, but for some reason they wouldn’t autoplay. So my only solution was to make a .html file where I use a simple video controls autoplay attribute, and then I use the html URL for the media player.


Even that plugin isn’t working.
I can’t even watch twitch streams. It doesn’t auto-play for me in-game.


When I added to the queue, it instantly started playing the video for everyone present.


Yeah that URL seems to work, but the ones I upload do not.


Which codec are you using? The video above was encoded using H.264


I tried playing the mp4 files directly again and now it seems to work, that’s really odd. The first times I tried they would not autoplay.

Now if only there was an easy way of adjusting the video resolution so it fits the screen properly. Setting a fixed width and height in html is not that great.


so, i’m confused. is there still ways to view videos, I’ve been testing with my own servers for weeks, and all i get is a blank screen whenever the video is playing.