Playing specific minigolf holes

So I might be alone on this one, but I personally want there to be a way to play and practice specific holes from any of the courses. It would be far too easy to farm hole-in-ones, so I think being able to play the hole, but not get the payout from it would work fine.

Does anyone think this may cause minigolf to be able to be farmed for units too easily, or is it reasonable?’

Edit: I also just realized that this could be used for Ball Race, but it wouldn’t have as much purpose as it would for Minigolf.


This is something I’ve been thinking as well. And yes, disable payouts if practice mode ever gets implemented.


I do think you have a point @Advanst since there is a possible chance of farming on certain courses on certain maps. I’m not gonna lie but I have done a little bit of farming myself on my own so I can get better at certain courses. I earn around 1700 units per game and does help me alot.

But I think again that @J_P has a point about having a practice mode when playing by yourself which then disables getting yourself units.

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I’ve actually gotten to the point that even I find despicable… I’ve actually made a .txt for coming up with the most solid setups I can get. I’ve memorized most of them, but I just use it as a reference sheet to refine them.

Garden was a pretty easy course to begin with, but now I’m earning at least 2500 Units from every full game on average.

Second, in my opinion, practice doesn’t have to be singleplayer only.

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So yeah earning Units in golf is a somewhat very easy, depends on how many times you’ve played for. But I guess that it doesn’t have to be for singleplayer so it could also be multiplayer. Don’t know why I said singleplayer xD

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This is definitely true. If the devs wanted to run with the idea, they could have it so you could choose whatever hole in-game, place your ball anywhere on the hole, and if you get it in the hole it just sends you back to the beginning. Of course this is all assuming they’ll even care to implement something like this :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I played a ton of minigolf back in GMT, and Tower Unite certainly just encourages me with its superior minigolf physics. It’s pretty easy for me to just put on some Youtube videos, sit back, and play excessive amounts of minigolf :laughing:

I don’t like this idea. Most people already know about all the Hole in ones on all maps due to the community guides. Practice should not be allowed because people will be prepared for that hole online and know exactly what to do. Plus when tower unites development is finished, everything is in the plaza. I can’t see this.

Yes, I really would like to see a practice mode where we could skip around the map.

I think it’s a simple feature for people who want to take something like that seriously. I realize that sounds weird when it comes to something that’s supposed to be casual and fun like Tower Unite, but these people exist.

Also when you say “everything is in the plaza”, are you talking about where the “practice” feature would be placed in the plaza? Because I personally don’t think that it would take on a physical form anywhere in the plaza. I was thinking it would be an option when you’re creating a server for minigolf in-game, kinda like how “Friends Only” is a checkbox, “Practice Mode” would be a checkbox too, but it would have a little pop-up saying that you won’t get any units for playing in Practice Mode.

Payouts will be disabled in practice mode, so the hole in one thing isn’t an issue.

I think they’re saying that practice isn’t good because it’ll basically encourage people to look for these setups, and they don’t want everyone to know exactly what to do on every hole. I can see where they’re coming from, but I think people are going through this process already, albeit a bit of an annoying process since you have to play every hole leading up to the one you want to practice.

I guess his point is about making Minigolf a farmfest, which it is already.

That option is a godsent. It let’s me practice, and doesn’t disrupt the game for others, since I reset a lot of games.

Well yeah, people still search for shortcuts, the fact that they have to play through the whole game first doesn’t really make it different.

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I don’t see how this wouldn’t be as useful in Ballrace as it would be in Minigolf, but I do like this idea nonetheless! Playing through an entire game takes forever…

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